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2701 N. Dancer Road

Dexter, Michigan 48130

Food is energy. What we put in our bodies, determines our health, and our emotions. HOW this food is grown is so very important.  When it is grown with love, and consciousness, the results benefit everyone.

Wild Apple Farms
Dexter, MI

Wild Apple Farms Mission Statement:

To grow and share fresh, healthy, life and health enhancing produce, fruits, and foods, lost arts and skills through our Saturday Market, farm store, classes, and locavore restaurants, which directly benefits our community to enjoy, take part in, educate, and share the joy of agriculture and where our food exactly comes from. We believe that a sense of smaller localized community (think Village), functioning in roles that are useful, meaningful, and joyful, and that use our hands, bodies, and minds, are the keys to a brighter future.

Wild Apple Farms was founded to provide a simple, honest, old world link to the past with natural and organic, artistic, ecologically inspired ways of today. Where the ancient meets the future. And the present...benefits.

Cottage Wares Coming Soon! 

Soaps, Candles, Herbal Medicine,
Fresh Brown Eggs,
Raw Honey

We enjoy bringing you a bit of the things lost, whether it be a roaring fire under the stars, heirloom vegetables, handmade soaps, or healing methods and treasures gleaned from around the world.  Come visit our farm and take home a bit of something to make your world more Wild. 

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