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❄️ 2 Facecords of Split Seasoned Hardwood: Enjoy the secure warmth of crackling fires, a dance of light and life in the heart of winter.

🥧 4 Organic Heirloom Apple Pies for Freezer: Preserved for your pleasure, these pies encapsulate the charm of cozy gatherings and sweet indulgence.

🥩 10 Pounds of Ground Beef:

🍯 1 Gallon Jar of Raw Local Honey: Delight in the sweetness and health giving properties of locally sourced honey, 

🍞 2 Sourdough Starters (Rye and Traditional): Keep traditions alive as you master the art of bread-making, a testament to self-sufficiency.

🍵 Elderberry Tea and Anti-Viral Tummy Tea: Shield yourself from winter's whims with blends that guard both body and spirit.

🧼 2 Bricks of Farmstead Essential Oil Soap (48 Bars): Enjoy our luxurious natural soap, handcrafted with simple natural essential oils to provide indulgent self-care, and practical supplies for the winter, or to give as gifts.

🕯️ 4 Beeswax Candles: Banish the darkness with the soothing glow of beeswax, inviting relaxation and reflection.

🕯️ 2 Cases of Safety Candles (24): Illuminate the way through any unexpected moments, as you remain snug and secure.


(Optional) 80.00-

🐑 (Optional) 80.00-🐑 4 Pounds of Washed Raw Icelandic Wool: Inviting you to create cozy projects during the slower months ahead.

Winter Bundle

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