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How It Works

For 16 weeks during the summer, we grow, harvest, and supply you with the freshest, most delicious, local produce and farm goods. You simply come by the farm anytime between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays to pick up your share. 

Through the year, we will host workshops, classes, get togethers, including herb walks, reskilling classes, and more. These classes require registration and are in addition to your CSA share, but add an invaluable experience to your life while allowing local agriculture to thrive and remain healthy.  

Summer CSA runs June through October.  We also offer Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice Bundles.

Wild Apple Farms CSA 

Share Types


Full Share:  $980.00 A 20 week Share (June-October) will feed 2 adults with food to spare, or a family of 4 with children. Also great for those who want to preserve or freeze food.  Includes a complete selection of all produce we harvest for that week including recipes, updates, fruits in season, flowers, herbs, and may include specialty additions from the area if wild crops are bountiful or inclement weather depletes a particular variety. (20 weeks total)

Slow-Living Home Share CSA:  $790 A 20 week share with less produce, and more emphasis on home goods comprised of: Soaps, floral bundles, candles, granola, jams/jellies, baked goods (sourdough breads, pies, pastries), fresh herbs, pasture raised eggs, wild nuts, garlic, wild herbal teas, and more!)

Egg Half Share: $80 (20 weeks - Half Dozen free-range eggs a week).

Egg Full Share: $150 (20 weeks - Dozen eggs a week).

Coming Soon! Fromage Lover's Goat Share

$295 annual share

Bee Care Share: $150 Gallon of raw honey, Pair of Farmmade beeswax candles wrapped in handwritten farm poetry, beeswax food wrap, ceramic honey pot. 

Autumn Bundle: $620 

Winter Bundle: $1200 

Thanksgiving Bundle Share: $495 

Solstice Bundle Share: $495

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